Frequently Ask Questions

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  • I am struggling to collect my corporate debts. Do you have a solution?
    We can assist you in collecting your bad debts, improving your cash flows, and help put your business back on the track to profits, with our success-based fee policy after evaluations of your debts, documents, debtors, age of debts, etc.
  • I am over-burdened with amounts due to banks and financial institutions and struggling hard to repay the installments. Is there a solution?
    We are here to listen to you and understand your situation. We can negotiate on your behalf with banks and financial institutions to restructure your installments by breaking the outstanding down into easily payable amounts each month. All that we need is a duly executed Power of Attorney to represent your interests with your creditors at the negotiation table.
  • I have defaulted on personal loan installments / credit card payments? What can I do now?
    We will represent you before the concerned bank, and negotiate according to your requirements and try to reschedule your payments with lighter installments, so that you are not over-burdened with heavy monthly installments.
  • I am worried that legal proceedings have already been initiated against me as a defaulter. What do you advise?
    We advise you not to avoid any payments or to evade the process of law. We advise you to follow the laws of the land.Our associate lawyers can assist you with remedies and seek appropriate relief from the courts. At AtoZ, we strongly believe that every debt is an obligation that has to be discharged and not evaded.
  • I had bank debts in the UAE. I left without settling them, and now there may be cases filed against me. I got a new opportunity in the UAE, but don’t know if I’ll be safe there. Is there any way I can return to the UAE without worries?
    Yes! We can help you return to UAE peacefully without worrying about unpaid debts. If you have the necessary funds, we can talk to the concerned banks and negotiate for the lowest possible settlement. If you don’t have enough funds, we can still talk to the banks for a restructuring plan to help you pay off your debts. If you have pending cases, we can handle those for you and help you get clearance certificates. But please contact us before you come back, so that we can give you the best possible solution.
  • I am extremely busy and I find myself unable to keep note of the due dates for payment of loan installments. Can you help?
    We can assist you by collecting the amounts from your doorstep and remitting it to the credit account concerned.